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Maintenance Reserves Seminar

Date: 05-Jun-19 to 05-Jun-19
Location: Barcelona / Spain
MAINTENANCE RESERVES TRAINING SEMINAR End of Lease Compensation & Power by the Hour Arrangements

The Future Reality of Flight Simulation

Date: 11-Jun-19 to 12-Jun-19
Location: United Kingdom
The Annual Royal Aeronautical Society Flight Simulation Group Spring Conference will provide opportunities to explore the rapidly evolving technologies appearing in the world of flight simulation, to both see and hear about some of the these technologies, and to receive provocative and inspiring insights into tomorrow’s world of flight simulation. Building on the successful format first used in Spring 2018, we will open the conference with a half day of briefings and live technology demonstrators, designed to expand your understanding and awareness of some of these technologies, presented by recognised simulation and training experts. This will be a great opportunity to see into the future of flight simulation.

Onshore Helicopter Safety

Date: 03-Jul-19 to 04-Jul-19
Location: United Kingdom
The past few years have seen a number of major accidents and incidents which have highlighted issues with onshore helicopter operations in the UK and more broadly. Whilst the offshore sector has seen a great deal of focus and industry investment the onshore sector has remained the sum of its disparate parts and difficult to pull together. This 2-day conference aims, following the publication of the CAA onshore safety report, to examine the factors affecting onshore helicopter safety, how these might be mitigated and where positive steps can be taken across ...

International Flight Crew Training Conference, London, 18-19 September 2019

Date: 18-Sep-19 to 19-Sep-19
Location: United Kingdom
The Annual International Flight Crew Training Conference is a premier event in the calendar. Last year’s Conference addressed the modernisation of flight crew training made possible by introducing Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA). This year the aim is to challenge the remaining vestiges of previous thinking and examine and discuss the opportunities to complete the transformation using practices and processes that make full use of today’s technology and understanding of human interactions. The Royal Aeronautical Society is privileged to have been asked to progress various aspects of flight crew training with the aim of improving safety. Safe operations require the maintenance of standards by adopting best practices. Training strategies and training systems need to exploit ...

The Real World's Counterpart: Digital Twins RAeS in London, 8 October 2019

Date: 08-Oct-19 to 08-Oct-19
Location: United Kingdom
This Structures and Materials Group conference illustrates current Digital Twin applications and the potential for future development. It addresses a wide range of applications from complex aircraft to modeling the human heart.

Airspace Access: Integrated or Segregated?

Date: 09-Oct-19 to 10-Oct-19
Location: United Kingdom
It has acknowledged that in order to enable the benefits that unmanned aircraft can bring to society, particularly in beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations, it is imperative that they are safely integrated with all other air users in the national airspace. There has been a number of recent proposals that an Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system, or U-Space (as the EU has labelled it), either locally or nationally, will make this a reality. Several UTM solutions have been proposed and are being researched. These have the aim of providing the safe, secure and efficient integration of drones into national airspace systems with the focus on Low Level VLOS and increasingly BVLOS operations. However, each of these systems comes to both benefits and concerns. This year’s annual RAeS ...

Aerodynamics Tools and Methods in Aircraft Design London 14-15 October 2019

Date: 14-Oct-19 to 15-Oct-19
Location: United Kingdom
This 1.5 day technical conference, with specialist and expert speakers from home and abroad, will discuss the current state-of-the-art in theoretical and experimental tools and methods in aircraft design. With advances in CFD, MDO, Wind-Tunnel and Flight-Test capabilities, the focus is also on what is needed to cope with future unconventional platforms. How should these tools evolve and develop to meet the demands and requirements of future programmes of civil and military airplanes, UAVs, rotorcraft, electric and autonomous vehicles, automobiles, weapons, space vehicles, maritime vessels, and wind turbines? Key subject areas: - Aerodynamics: Low Speed, Transonic and - Aircraft Design, including Environmental and Efficiency - Multi-Disciplinary - ...

5th Annual Airborne ISR

Date: 23-Oct-19 to 24-Oct-19
Location: London / United Kingdom
In the complex and ever-changing strategic landscape, the demand for increased situational awareness continues to grow. As a decisive and indispensable tool, air-based ISTAR is increasingly relied upon to deliver tactical data and intelligence for commanders, as well as deliver effective strategic deterrence. SMi’s 5th annual Airborne ISR conference will focus on the platforms and supporting infrastructures of Airborne ISR operations when it returns to London, UK on the 23rd and 24th October 2019. The event will cover a range of crucial topics involving manned and unmanned platforms, and data management and dissemination tools. Early Bird Discounts! Book by: 31st May to save £400 28th June to save £300 30th August to save £200 For more information and to register online, ...

Greener by Design Conference 2019 RAeS in London - Thursday 7 November

Date: 07-Nov-19 to 07-Nov-19
Location: United Kingdom
Aviation and the Net Zero Emissions Climate Change is the aviation industry’s biggest environmental challenge. The industry can already boast the first global, sector-wide, market-based climate measurement in CORSIA and is also committed to a net 50% reduction in emissions by 2050. However, there is growing evidence of climate warming and the latest IPCC report urges the world to aim for a tighter limit on warming and that to do so requires a reduction to “Net-Zero Emissions” by the middle of this century. Should aviation now raise its own ambition? If so, how? What contribution can technology and operational efficiency make and how much will this hard-to-abate sector depend on replacement, zero-carbon, fuels and market-based mechanisms? This year’s annual Greener by Design ...